The Stricken

“I never asked for this. They say they saved me, but I’m not sure saved is the right word.”

For you, it was about being whole. Being beyond the norm was ancillary. You wanted your life back. You wanted your mobility, your health, or your sense of normalcy.

The offer came to you as one of medical treatment for your condition, a chance to be the person you wanted to be.

Then came the catches and the Faustian bargains and the tantalizing offers to go further. Could you resist that? Could anyone?

The Stricken are people who were augmented because of a physical shortcoming or challenge. A disability or illness, whether inborn or the result of an accident, is what causes them to want to undergo these procedures and use these methods.

Sometimes, they don’t fully understand the offer, or in some cases it was decided for them when they were physically unable to express otherwise. Some are grateful for the opportunity, others resent what they see as foisted upon them.

Fictional examples of the Stricken:
Adam Jensen (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
Alex Murphy (RoboCop)
Tony Stark (Iron Man)

The Stricken

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